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We’re building a growth community for entrepreneurs to scale to 9-figures and beyond through education, empowerment, and support.

Inna Lee

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“During my 15 years as a mental health professional, business owner, entrepreneur, and public speaker – I have seen countless lives impacted by Depression, Anxiety, trauma, and other common mental health disorders that prevent them from thriving. My goal is to provide global education and empowerment that allows people to find the support they need.”

“With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Inna started her career as a Psychotherapist before successfully opening her own clinic in California that has now scaled to several locations. Her career success led her to launch IL Consulting to support other healthcare providers and entrepreneurs in the industry. Inna is driven by a commitment to educating others about the importance of mental health. She is also a facility member at The University of Phoenix.  

Inna established Foundation of Entrepreneurs to share her valuable, in-depth knowledge to help others prioritize their mental health and support the movement of happiness for all people and entrepreneurs globally.”

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Learn about the latest innovative Wellness practices to reach Mindfulness. Researchers have found that daily mindfulness activities like practicing meditation can increase productivity by 47 to 62 minutes per week. That’s essential if you are an entrepreneur!

How It Works:

  • We’ll find out how to reach mindfulness, happiness, and positivity.  
  • Get professional consultation and evaluation at NO cost to you.
  • You’ll get transformational insights for your best 2022.

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How It Works:

  • We’ll connect you with like-minded people who prioritize mindfulness, happiness, and positivity.  
  • Our community resources will help you customize your entrepreneur journey.
  • You’ll gain access to expert knowledge, webinars, live events, strategic business tools, and self-development tools inside the community help you cultivate your mindfulness.

Our Mission

We’re building a growth community for entrepreneurs through education, empowerment, and support. Our community is designed to help others on the Journey of Entrepreneurship gain the business tools, knowledge, and support they need to scale to 9 figures and beyond.



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